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eLearning Fundamentals

About This Course

This course aims to provide complete information about eLearning , evolution of technology based learning and eLearning delivery format , deals with the e Content development team and different types of eLearning . All Learners will Collaborate together at the end of the course to do Presentation about different topics about eLearning for example (eLearning Generations , Social Learning, ….etc).

Course Objectives

On completion of this Course learners will be able to:

  • Define what e-Learning is?
  • Explain why e-Learning is needed
  • Describe e-Learning delivery format
  • Define what is blended model is?
  • Define what is Instructional design is?
  • State learning principles.
  • Differentiate among different Learning Theories.
  • Define what Content is?
  • Requirements

    Add information about the skills and knowledge students need to take this course.

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Marian Makar, Senior Instruction Designer

    Marian was graduated from Fine arts faculty , Helwan University.Marian joined ITI (9-Month Diploma), Instructional Design and E-Content Development Track 2013 ,She Worked as Instructor at e-learning department (ELICA) - information technology institute (ITI). Marian has more Than 4 years of experience as an e-learning specialist and Instructional Designer. Marian has participated in the following Projects and Achievements:

  • ITIMOOCA online courses - Information Technology Institute.
  • Learning application "Ketapedia" - Nahdet Misr Publishing Group.
  • Application of social science computing Courses - Faculty of Economics and Political sciences.
  • Various Rapid learning projects using Authoring tools.
  • Course Staff Image #2

    Moheb Gamal, Deputy of the eLearning Center of Excellence

    Moheb Gamal is the Deputy of the eLearning Center of Excellence and also he is a Senior Instructional Designer and Teaching Assistant ,He is working for Information Technology Institute . Moheb has more than 7 years experience in the eLearning field , As a Deputy of the eLearning Center of Excellence he is responsible for Leading Content Development Projects in Arabic and English Languages for Mobile and Computer Based Training . He is working on his Masters Degree in Educational Technologies in Cairo University. Moheb has a big contribution to spread the eLearning Culture in the Egyptian Community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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